My name is Cliff Foster and I’m a Val Moritz resident, home builder and realtor. I understand this small community because my family and I live here and I deal mainly in real estate that is within Val Moritz Village. With so many options to choose from in the mountain communities of Colorado, it’s hard to decide on the right real estate option. Condos provide a quick and easy getaway, as well as paired homes. Then you have the slope side ski in & ski out house that are great, but come with a heavy price tag. Or you can go the other way, and get remote, far away from the local noise of the surrounding township, where well water and solar power are your only options. What if there was a medium between these real estate choices, one that has the remoteness of the Rocky Mountain West, but the modern amenities we’ve all come to expect. Do you want dirt roads, but also the option to have high speed cable and internet? Do you like the thought of fresh well water, but don’t want to give up premium underground utilizes, like power and natural gas? Then Val Moritz Village is the place for you. It’s just far enough away to feel remote, but close enough to be convenient, located right in the heart of Grand County.

Val Moritz Village lies outside of town limits, and is considered to be what the vast majority of Grand County is, unincorporated. This means county tax status & a mill levy of only 56.2 (2018), nearly half of what the surrounding incorporated areas are. The subdivision is managed by an HOA that accesses every owner on a yearly basis. Right now the yearly HOA dues are $375 (2021), this helps fund snow removal and general maintenance of roads and signage. There is central Trash and Recycling if you wish to have this service, no need to haul your refuse into town. Local trails surround the area with direct access to the Fraser to Granby trail system. Granby Ranch surrounds the Val Moritz area which has miles of trails for winter and summer use, including a groomed cross country trail system in the winter.

The Val Moritz community consists of single family homes between 1500-3500 Sq. Ft. The maximum single lot dwelling size is limited to 4,200 Sq. Ft., ensuring the land dominates the landscape, not the homes. As of this writing, Val Moritz consists of 19 full time year round homes, and 16 part time homes, just about half and half, making this small community easy to get acquainted with.

The geography of the area is a high mountain valley, with small to medium size growth Aspen and Pine, open areas consisting of grass and sagebrush. Some lots are flat, but most have some type of slope, allowing for walkout basements if you desire. The weather is consistent with the Rocky Mountain West, warm summers with afternoon thunderstorms, and cold winters with plenty of snow. Animal habitats are just as you’d expect within the Rockies, lots of woodland creatures big and small, with the occasional Moose sighting in early spring and late fall.

If Val Moritz Village sounds like you, then contact me and I can give you a short tour of the homes and vacant land that are being offered. If you happen to visit Val Moritz on short notice, please don’t hesitate to call me, I always enjoy showing Val Moritz to new comers.

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